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Worn out grass

Over time, grass breaks down, starts to thin, and eventually wears out. Homeowners generally want a beautiful, thick lawn that neighbors will envy. Unfortunately, few Brownstown property owners understand what’s necessary to keep their lawn looking lush, and green. That’s where overseeding can help the overall health of your lawn.

Overseeding is the process of spreading grass seed over a yard to thicken the existing grass and fill in bare or thin spots. Overseeding keeps lawns looking their best for years without an owner having to replace the aging grass. We routinely recommend lawn overseeding as a regular maintenance practice. Overseeding is inexpensive and can be accomplished by a lawn service such as us or as a DIY activity.

overseeding Benefits

If you’re focused on having the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood, overseeding will be a required part of your annual lawn care routine. However, you can enjoy another great benefit when your yard is lush: you don’t have as many weeds. A thick lawn makes it difficult for weeds to gain a foothold. Not having to weed cuts seasonal labor times and helps the lawn look great throughout the warmer months.

A thick lawn also retains water better than a sparse one, and property owners reduce the likelihood of erosion when they routinely overseed a yard. That means the costs of watering will be lower and less maintenance will be needed. While Eastern Michigan’s rainfall keeps yards watered most of the time, there are dry periods when watering will still be necessary to keep the grass healthy.

Beautiful green lawn in Brownstown, MI

best times to Overseed in Brownstown?

Holding grass seeds

In cooler states like Michigan, most lawn professionals recommend overseeding in the fall. Doing so allows the new grass to gain a foothold before the cold weather strikes. Ideally, overseed when the daytime temperatures still hover in the 70s.

Overseeding can also be done in the spring if you miss those ideal fall days. However, the overseeding should be done early enough to establish the grass before the region’s hot summer days return.

It’s tempting to run down to the local yard and garden store, buy a bag of grass seed, and spread the seed without any preparation. That’s not the best way to achieve your lawn care goals. There are a few steps you can take to maximize your odds of the grass seed growing.

Michigan’s harsh weather conditions make it vitally important to choose the right type of grass seed. Most Downriver vendors sell seeds intended to grow in Michigan, but make sure the seed blend selected will work on your lawn. Shady areas need different seed blends than sun-drenched lawns. In Brownstown, grass seed blends generally include these varieties:

  • Fescues
  • Ryegrasses
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
Overseeding a green lawn
Brownstown worker seeding residential lawn

Most lawn care experts recommend cutting the grass shorter than usual. That makes it easier for the seeds to reach the soil. If the lawn has a lot of dead grass, consider aerating the area before seeding. Again, that will make it easier for the seed to reach the soil. Bare soil should be loosened using a rake or similar tool before the seeds are sowed.

After following the above steps, it’s time to spread the seed. All seed providers will recommend using a specific amount of seed for a given area, so read the directions carefully prior to applying the seed. Using a spreader will provide better results, but you can also spread the seed by hand if necessary.

It will be important to keep the soil moist until the new grass is firmly established. If it doesn’t rain, you or a lawn care provider will need to take care of watering the seeded areas.

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In many instances, you may not have the time or expertise to properly overseed your lawn and care for it. Our team of experts are readily available to take on your next project and ensure your lawn looks great.

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