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Proper mowing is a vital part to maintaining a thick, healthy lawn. Keep your property looking clean and vibrant with our season-long mowing services, featuring:

  • CLEAN-UP – we blow grass off walks, drives, and patios.
  • BI-WEEKLY EDGING – for curbs, walks, and concrete drives to keep your property looking sharp and crisp.

Our crew is well-versed in proper cutting techniques and our approach will improve the visual appeal of your property.

Our team perform services with both accuracy and professionalism — and will even address concerns or problem areas in your lawn — to get your lawn looking its BEST. Call us today at, 734-789-3868.

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lawn mowing Basics

Most homeowners and businesses assume they understand lawn care basics, but there is more to it than simply mowing and watering. A well-groomed, attractive lawn is the pride of many property owners in Brownstown, MI.

Our professional lawn care services help residents and business owners in the area get the lawn of their dreams without having to be experts on lawn maintenance. We handle all of your crucial lawn care needs:

  • Mowing
  • Trimming
  • Edging
  • Watering
  • Fall & Spring Cleanup
Beautiful green lawn in Brownstown, MI

Local Mowing Services for Homeowners and Businesses in Brownstown, MI


A beautiful lawn is the basic foundation to a well-maintained landscape and lawn mowing is a key part to keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best. By utilizing proper mowing techniques and the best equipment, our expert mowing services will give your property a crisp, clean look all season long.


Trimming is like mowing but is done in areas that the lawnmower can’t reach. Sometimes this can be done using a string trimmer, but it is easy to make mistakes that damage the grass and look uneven. Our experienced and professional lawn care technicians can trim these hard-to-reach areas perfectly without harming the grass, giving property owners the lawn of their dreams.


Lawn edging is as essential to an attractive property. It provides a distinct border between the lawn and other landscaping areas, such as a driveway or garden bed. Getting a crisp edge requires tools that many people don’t have on hand, so calling a professional is the best way to go. We offer professional edging services that will transform a person’s lawn from a shabby mess to the envy of the whole block.


How a lawn is watered determines its health, but it can be a complicated process.  Residents and business owners in Brownstown, MI should call us right away if they are having trouble with watering. We believe watering lawns doesn’t have to be complicated and help our customers find a watering method that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Fall Cleanup

Lawn care doesn’t end when summer does, however. Make sure your lawn is ready for the new season by contacting us for a leaf cleanup visit. We’ll remove fallen leaves and make sure your yard looks its best for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and beyond.

Spring Cleanup

Cleaning your property for spring is a sizable job, but we can take care of it for you. Our programs are designed for commercial and residential customers, and we can remove old leaves, dead branches, and other winter debris to make your yard look fresh and new.

We Care about your lawn as much as you Do

Keeping up with your lawn takes so much time and effort. Shouldn’t your outdoor space enhance your life or business and not be one more thing on your to-do list?

We know that you want to be free from the burden of maintaining your outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business, having a well-manicured lawn with healthy, lush grass improves the entire property’s value. The best way to achieve this is by consulting with a professional, high-quality lawn care company.

Just fill out our online form with your name, email, and service needs. We’ll contact you with a comprehensive quote for lawn maintenance.

Get Your Free Quote

Fill out the form below with your lawn care needs, and a professional member of our team will contact you with a free quote.
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