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Water, Fertilizer, and Oxygen Are Essential For a Healthy Lawn. Living things breathe. However, many property owners assume their lawn and the soil beneath the grass or sod accomplish this task without help. They then wonder why the lawn experiences problems or doesn’t grow as they would like. Fortunately, lawn aeration solves the issue of a poorly performing lawn.

Over time, lawns build up grass or lawn thatch, and this buildup interferes with the lawn’s ability to take up nutrients. Air and water cannot reach the soil because of the buildup. A lawn aerator removes the grass or thatch to allow the lawn to thrive once again. Some property owners simply poke holes in the soil using a process known as spiking. However, this rarely provides the desired benefits.

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Core aeration for your lawn

During aeration, the property owner or a person working on their behalf perforates the soil with small holes. This allows nutrients, water, and air to reach the roots of the grass where needed to allow the roots to grow deeply and produce a strong, healthy lawn.

Core aeration pulls cores or plugs from the ground to allow air to penetrate deeper into the soil. Each plug needs to reach two to three inches into the soil for the optimal results, and plugs need to be removed approximately every three inches. One problem property owners in Brownstown, MI may encounter when trying to carry out this task involves compacted soil.


Brownstown Lawn after Core Aeration
Aerating Homeowner's Yard in Brownstown

A compacted lawn contains an excess of solid particles in a particular space or volume. Compaction leads to the destruction of the soil’s structure. Sadly, this happens under the grass in the lawn’s root zone where humans cannot see it. When the soil compacts, its density increases and air cannot make its way through to where the plant needs it. Carbon dioxide and other gases build up and cause damage to the roots of the grass.

In addition, water won’t soak into the soil. Runoff occurs and less water infiltration takes place. This blocks water intake by the roots, and highs and lows in the temperature often reach extremes. Aerating the lawn breaks up this compacted soil to allow water and fertilizer to reach the root zone. Many residential and commercial customers opt for core aeration and lawn overseeding together during the fall months because overseeding is more effective during this time.

The best time to Aerate in Michigan?

We feel this process needs to be carried out every five years, but others say do it on an as-needed basis. For instance, when puddles appear in the yard following a rainstorm, it’s time to aerate your lawn. Furthermore, aeration becomes of significant benefit when the lawn thatch reaches three-quarters inch thick or more.

Any lawn that gets heavy use needs regular aeration along with other lawn services to keep it healthy. Many families use the lawn as a playground for the children and their friends, and other families have pets that spend a great deal of time outdoors. Both contribute to soil compaction and lead to the need for aeration.

Lawns established as part of a brand-new residence require aeration, as the topsoil on these properties is buried or stripped. The builder establishes the grass on subsoil that has already undergone compaction by construction traffic.

Aerating a Beautiful Lawn

The same holds true for lawns established by sod where soil layering remains an issue. Imported sod comes with a soil of fine texture. They lay this sod over coarser soil, which interferes with proper drainage because the water sits in the finer-textured soil. As a result, the soil becomes compacted and the roots don’t develop properly.

Finally, lawns with a spongy feel that dry out suffer from an excessive thatch problem. Take a slice of lawn and remove the top four inches. Examine the top layer to determine how much thatch is present. Thatch over one-inch means the lawn needs aeration.

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Keeping up with your lawn takes so much time and effort. Shouldn’t your outdoor space enhance your life or business and not be one more thing on your to-do list?

We know that you want to be free from the burden of maintaining your outdoor spaces.

Tasks such as aerating make caring for the lawn regularly easier, so never put them off. The less time spent caring for the yard, the more time you have to enjoy it.

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