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Proper Watering Tips

Watering Tips for Proper Lawn Care

As a property owner in Brownstown, Michigan, proper watering of your lawn seems simple enough? Just give it a little water, right? 

Well, Yes and No. 

Watering your lawn with a proper technique in mind is important in maintaining a healthy, green lawn. Watering too little, then you can get the same results. If you over-water then you’ll end up with a weakened or shallow rooted lawn that’s vulnerable to drying out and drought. Commercial and residential lawns only require about 1-inch of water per week to maintain the appropriate amount of growth that typically require 2-3 watering sessions a week. 

Brownstown lawn maintained with proper watering

How to do it yourself...

Head to your local hardware store, and look in the lawn and garden section for a good sprinkler system.

Keep in mind, there are sprinklers of all varieties. It can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar the different watering systems. There are sprinklers that spin, rotate, shoot, rotate, and a slew of other types of watering methods.

As a homeowner or business, you’ll have to consider the size and the scope of your lawn. In this scenario, you’ll want to choose a sprinkler system that provides enough watering coverage, and it’s easy to use.

  • For medium to large lawns, you’ll want to consider a rotating sprinkler. These are great for setting the length and rotation of the watering.
  • For smaller lawns, you’ll want to use a fixed sprinkler system. These do not rotate, and you’ll have to move quite often to properly water effectively.
  • If you have very little lawn to maintain, then you may want to consider buying a decent spray nozzle to attach to a hose and hand water it.

NOTE: You’ll want to purchase a non-kink watering hose that’s long enough to reach every area of your lawn.

After buying your watering system, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is getting enough coverage. To do so, you can set up a bucket in the path of watering. If you are collecting up to a half an inch in a 20 to 30 minute time frame, then you are getting the proper amount of water to maintain your lawn.

If you’re second guessing yourself and have any doubts about your lawn getting the proper amount of watering, don’t hesitate to consult with one of our team members. Call us today, 734-789-3868.

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