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Lawn Services Brownstown, MI

A well-maintained lawn is an investment into your property value. When you want a professional approach to your lawn and planting beds, choose Brownstown Lawn Care.

Mowing Brownstown Homeowner Lawn

As a locally owned and operated business, our customers are like our family. No matter your needs, we will go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied — offering unparalleled quality, with a personal touch.

Our lawn care services are both comprehensive and diverse. We offer everything from full-service mowing programs to yearly lawn aeration.

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Residential and Commercial Lawn Care


Your lawn is the foundational support for a beautiful landscape. Mowing your lawn is vital to a healthy and great looking lawn. With our mowing services, you get the best equipment and we have specific mowing techniques to give your property a fresh, clean cut look all seasons.


If your lawn is lacking proper oxygen, water and fertilizer, it will certainly evolve into a unhealthy lawn. Lawn aeration is the best ways to improve the overall health of your lawn longer term. As lawn care experts, we can definitely help improve your lawn’s exposure to water, fertilizer and oxygen with our aeration services.


Overseeding improves your lawn’s overall density and the colorful appearance, which can make it resilient to weed problems. Seeding in Brownstown, Michigan is best to do between the late summer time and early fall. Our professional lawn care team can seed your grass to strengthen and thicken up the look of it.

Fall Cleanup

Maintaining a well groomed lawn doesn’t stop when the summer time is over. From fallen leaves to debris, our fall lawn cleanup services can help your property look its best by Halloween, and beyond! Let us give your lawn the proper attention it needs for this Fall season. 

Snow Removal

Finding a reliable snow removal company can be a challenge, but we’ve made it easier to remove snow from your property. If you need snow removed from your driveway once or need snow removal for the entire Winter season, we can help! Our expert snow plowing team can remove snow from stairways, driveways, and sidewalks.

Fertilization & Weed Control

Soil that lacks the proper nutrients will deplete your lawn over time, leaving it thin and prone to weed issues. Which means, a lawn more susceptible to diseases and insect problems. Let our expert technicians get your lawn back on track and looking beautiful again with our fertilizer & weed control services.

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