A Brownstown homeowner mowing debris-filled lawn in the Fall

Fall Mowing Tips

Mowing Tips for Lawn Care in the Fall

As a property owner in Brownstown, Michigan, lawn maintenance is a year-round effort. The grass in Downriver is still slowly growing, but it’s still in a state of growth. While growth is still occurring, it’s important to understand that your lawn still requires a regular mowing schedule until your grass goes into a dormant state! 

We know that you’re probably fed up with mowing your property by this time of year. But as your experts in lawn care maintenance, we suggest that you don’t give up on your hard work! Come Spring time, your lawn will thank you greatly for your efforts in the Fall.

Grass Clippings sitting on top of a Brownstown lawn

Why Mow in the Fall?

If you’re not sure or have any uncertainty about preparing your lawn for another Michigan winter season, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members with your questions at Brownstown Lawn Care. Call us today, 734-789-3868.

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