A pile of debris from a Brownstown residential property fall cleanup

Fall Cleanup Checklist

3 Yard Cleanup Tips for Fall Season in Brownstown, MI

The fall season in Brownstown, Michigan results in plenty of debris and leaves. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a property owner who really enjoys the whole cleanup process involved. A professional yard cleanup service provider can save you both energy and time, and give you that clean and prepared look for the winter season.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about why fall cleanup matters. 

1. Remove Debris and Leaves

Fall Cleanup for a Brownstown Homeowner

The first step in yard cleanups is to remove leaves. If you have a larger property size, you can expect leaf coverage to be fairly heavy on top of your grass. Which means, removing the leaves as you rake them up. 

As the winds pick up during the fall time, it can leave behind unwanted debris and clutter up your lawn. By removing the debris and leaves, you’re leaving behind a cleaner property, that’s ready for the winter season.

2. Maintain Your Landscape

In addition to leaves, fallen branches and left behind brush, you’ll also want to consider maintaining your landscape areas as well. This type of maintenance includes: 

  • Trimming Plants & Shrubs – There’s no better time to prune your plants and shrubs, than in the fall season, especially summer plants that are no longer blooming. 
  • Reshaping Beds – Your beds are a place that tend to get worn out as leaves coat the top of the surface, grass grows wildly, and plants flourish. As part of the fall clean process, you’ll want to reshape your bed edging to keep them clean and neat for the following season.
  • Pulling Weeds – Where grass and plants thrive, so does weeds. It’s important to include weeding as part of your fall cleanup activities. This process will give your landscape more room to keep growing in the spring season, and stop these pesky weeds from getting the opportunity to reseed and thrive.

3. Mulch Your Landscape

Mulching maintenance for a brownstown michigan resident

After you’ve removed debris and maintained your landscape, your beds will need to be prepped for the wintery season ahead. This process involves mulching the area to allow your plant roots to stay warm and removing any decaying plants.

Fall Cleanup Benefits

Looking for an easier way to maintain a green, healthy lawn? Call your local Lawn Care Experts today!

Don’t let another season go by without following the Fall Cleanup steps outlined above. If you’re a commercial or residential property owner in Brownstown, Flat Rock, Woodhaven or other surrounding areas of Downriver. We can help you get your yard cleaned up and ready for another Michigan winter. Call us today, 734-789-3868 and get a FREE estimate for Fall Cleanup services!

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